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Saltwater Tank

Saltwater Aquariums; Equipment, Chemistry, Maintenance Saltwater Aquarium Equipment You will have the best success by using all three of the following filters. A biological filter ...
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Fish Diseases

Aquarium Fish-Diagnosis, Diseases and Treatments Observe the activity and body language of the fish in the water. It is important to know the normal behavior ...
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Clown fish

Clown Fish If you are one of the millions who saw the hit movie Finding Nemo, you know what a clown fish is.What you don’t ...
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Coral Care

General Care Requirements For Aquarium Coral Aquarium Conditions Raising corals in aquariums takes a little more care and understanding than most marine fishes. You will ...
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All About Corals

All About Corals Corals are made up of tiny animals called coral polyps, which form homes to millions of reef animals.The polyps have hollow bodies ...
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Seahorses Are Monogamous, Have Long Courtships, Males Carry The Eggs To Term Seahorses are monogamous, have long courtships and males carry the eggs to term. ...
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