Aquarium Fish-Diagnosis, Diseases and Treatments Observe the activity and body language of the fish in the water. It is important to know the normal behavior of the species of fish being evaluated. For example, male bettas (Betta splendens) are often kept in small bowls without filtration or temperature control. They normally use the mid level […]

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Clown Fish If you are one of the millions who saw the hit movie Finding Nemo, you know what a clown fish is.What you don’t know from watching the movie is that the cute orange and white-striped marine animals have a special talent: They can switch their sex! Table of Contents Add a header to begin

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General Care Requirements For Aquarium Coral Aquarium Conditions Raising corals in aquariums takes a little more care and understanding than most marine fishes. You will need to be more cognizant of the physical, chemical and biological requirements of corals if they expect to achieve success. Lighting, water chemistry, water motion, and temperature are the primary

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All About Corals Corals are made up of tiny animals called coral polyps, which form homes to millions of reef animals.The polyps have hollow bodies that are soft and their mouths face upwards so that food can drop into them. They have small tentacles containing cells that sting. The tentacles are attached their mouths and

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Seahorses Are Monogamous, Have Long Courtships, Males Carry The Eggs To Term Seahorses are monogamous, have long courtships and males carry the eggs to term. Seahorses have captured the interest of both scientists and the public because the male is the one who becomes pregnant and gives birth to the offspring. Curiosity about this phenomenon

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